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So much adult material is created for men and depicts male fantasy. This site aims to help you find porn that's female friendly- quality erotic films, sites, videos and books that don't neglect the female audience. Female friendly porn is not sexist, it's more sex-positive and it understands that women enjoy porn too. It's not necessarily softcore or romantic; this type of porn can include hardcore, kink, fetish or rough sex. The main difference is that it is respectful towards women as both performers and viewers.

Non-Sexist Porn Sites

The internet has opened up so many opportunities for alternative porn producers. Privacy and ease of use means that it's simple and fun to find adult entertainment online. There are a growing number of women-friendly porn sites available that cater to straight, lesbian, queer and trans women. All feature quality erotic videos, photos and written content aimed at female porn lovers.

Female Friendly Porn Films

Ten years ago there were very few adult films made expressly for women. Now there's a burgeoning selection of porn films available to suit all tastes and desires. Whether it plot-filled romance, educational guides, down-and-dirty straight hardcore or queer kink, there really is something for everyone. The new wave of feminist erotic filmmakers have been working hard to depict sex in new, artistic and interesting ways, trampling the old cliches and creating very different visions of erotica. If you've been searching for the best woman- friendly porn films, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Woman-Friendly Erotic Fiction

There's nothing like curling up with a steamy erotic book. Women's erotica has grown in popularity over the years, rivalling old fashioned romance for sales. Now the arrival of e-books has meant that finding a quality naughty read can be a little tricky. Not everything labelled "erotica" is perfect. Here we recommend the best "erotica for women" books available and guide you to exactly the kind of naughty literature you've been searching for.

Free Porn

The internet is overflowing with free porn - but the vast majority of it is mainstream, cliched, unappealing crap designed for men. At last, here's a collection of free porn that's female-friendly. Inside you'll find a bunch of quality galleries and movies that will get you in the mood, whatever your tastes or desires. There's also a collection of interesting short films and movie trailers for sexy films.